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Infinite Menus, Copyright 2006, OpenCube Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Infinite Menus, Copyright 2006, OpenCube Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Coffee Mugs

Bernese Mountain Dog £29.95
This hand painted, hand made ceramic mug shows the large, well built Bernese Mountain Dog, which is similar to the Greater Swiss Mountain dog, but with longer hair. Good natured, and faithful, The Bernese Mountain Dog was bred to pull cheese and milk cart
Boxer £29.95
With its large, well-muscled, clean appearance, the Boxer originates from Germany. This brave and protective breed is here featured on this 100% original Blue Witch ceramic mug. The Boxer, as a breed, was originally used as a guard, and for bull baiting.
Bull Mastiff £29.95
The Bull mastiff's power and strength is accompanied by speed and agility which originally made it a great guard dog. Shown here on this hand made, and beautifully hand painted ceramic mug, the Bull Mastiff was later bred for companionship, and is a calm
Doberman £29.95
The elegant, fearless Doberman is shown here on this hand made, hand painted Blue Witch ceramic mug. Originally bred to guard its owners, the Doberman is easily recognisable for its short sleek coat and lean, alert appearance. This mug is both microwave a
Great Dane £29.95
This original Blue Witch ceramic mug features the Great Dane, one of the largest of all breeds, and known for its loyal dependability. This hand painted, handmade mug beautifully depicts the Great Dane which has been nicknamed the 'gentle giant', and is k
Great Dane Harlequin £29.95
The Harlequin Great Dane, featured here on this original hand made Blue Witch ceramic mug shares the loyal, gentle characteristics of other Great Danes, but has a beautiful and distinctive colouration which is sometimes mistaken for a Dalmatian. This mug
Leonberger £29.95
Nicknamed 'The gentle lion', the Leonberger is a muscular, large framed breed, and is featured on this hand made and hand painted ceramic mug. Originally bred as a companion/farm dog, and mountain dog, the Leonberger also loves the water, and has webbing
Mastiff £29.95
Originally bred to fight bears, bulls, lions, and gladiators in the Roman arenas, the Mastiff hails from Great Britain, and is featured on this hand painted, hand made ceramic mug. Although its origins are those of a fighter, the Mastiff is also known to
NewFoundland £29.95
The large boned, and sturdy Newfoundland, featured on this hand made and hand painted ceramic mug, is known to forge very strong bonds with its owners, and have a friendly, loyal, intelligent character. Originating from Canada, the Newfoundland loves wate
Rottweiler £29.95
The robust and powerfully built Rottweiler is used around the world as a Police, and guard dog, and has earned itself a reputation as a formidable breed. This handmade and hand painted ceramic mug beautifully portrays this muscular breed, which originates
Siberian Husky £29.95
The tireless Siberian Husky, shown on this original Blue Witch ceramic mug, was originally bred for companionship and dog sled racing, and has an amazing amount of energy. This intelligent and friendly breed is devoted to family, and needs a lot of exerci
St Bernard £29.95
Though their temperament is mild and loyal, the St. Bernard, featured on this original Blue Witch mug, is often used as a guard dog due to its imposing stature. Originally bred, and still used for rescue, and as a working dog, the St. Bernard's loyalty an
Weimaraner £29.95
The weimaraner, with its muscular, clean appearance has been beautifully hand painted on this handmade Blue Witch ceramic mug. The fearless and headstrong Weimaraner originates from Germany where it was bred to track and hunt large game, and its instincts